So reinventing myself starting with my hair? I could go for a 1980s Annie Lennox cropped bleached look. I’ve always had dark hair, so I might give that a go even though I think I suit dark hair better. Once it’s bleached I could try all sorts of colours. I’d have to check first though as I have been told to leave my hair for 12 months after radiotherapy as it makes hair brittle and prone to break off if you mess around with it too much. Hopefully I’ll be able to mess around and experiment.

Chemotherapy has rid me of my long thick hair. This is when I started to think about reinventing myself. When you have long hair the thought of cutting it short is a bit daunting but when it falls out in handfuls and you shave what little you have left, (my 8 year old son enjoyed doing that for me), you begin to realise that hair is not that important. It doesn’t matter if you have it long, short, dye it different colours. I think I’ve probably been nervous about doing anything really drastic to my hair in the past but now I have a ‘clean slate’ to start from I can try styles I wouldn’t have tried before.  I can change the colour regularly without too much damage because I can cut it again and the damaged hair will grow out pretty quickly. Having a shower is great too. Hey, I always say you have to look at the positives! It takes about 5 minutes to have a shower, no hair drying, no styling, so quick and easy.

I can really feel the cold now I have no hair but it’ll grow back before long and I know I will enjoy washing, brushing and styling my hair and I will definitely appreciate it, long, short, dark, light, whatever  I choose.